Welcome to Gaia Gals

Welcome to Gaia Gals, a brainchild that Dr. Calley Asbill and Abigail Cox created as a way to help, motivate, and inspire others to be their best holistic self!

We met at the end of 2015 through a wonderful mutual friend of ours and we instantly clicked. We shared stories of our families, where we grew up, travels, and our aspirations. We talked style, food (that’s most important!!), health and realized that we may just be the same person. A friendship blossomed and a new goal began. The both of us set out to create fun and delicious recipes along with useful holistic health information to expand your knowledge of natural living and being one with Gaia!

More About Calley:


The bridging of ancient wisdom and modern science led Dr. Asbill to study Naturopathy. She completed her medical education at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ in 2013. Prior to her life in medicine she worked in the film industry as a producer for print, film, and special effects. With a degree in photography and a love for the creative side of life, she found a natural transition into the art of medicine. Compelled by a love of nature and the outdoors, she is very happy to have found her home in the beautiful state of Oregon where her boyfriend and dog have daily adventures. She loves to paddleboard, mountain bike, go on beautiful hikes and explore. She has a nag for fashion and interior design, as well as growing beautiful plants in her windowsills. Calley constantly attends medical trainings and seminars to broaden her knowledge to help others overcome their health obstacles.

More About Abby:


Abby was raised in a small town in Arizona. She started her professional career in Marketing, but her nag for cooking, holistic health, and crafting was always her true passion. She, her husband, and two rad kids moved to Oregon in 2015 to pursue a more fulfilled life that targeted their interests to be able to spend more time outdoors with Mother Nature. Being surrounded by nature is Abby’s natural realm. She loves to hike, play chef, read and expand her library, keep up on her green thumb, paint, practice yoga, kayak, bike, and regularly stops to smells the flowers.



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